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Songs of the End

children of the final days

Sept of the Splintered Oak - Werewolf in St. Louis
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" No more slogans, no more excuses
No more blinding our eyes and bearing our asses to the world
We have the power, We have the resources
We have the energy
Let’s get together and wreck shit!”
- The Stormchasers pack, sometime *after* August 23, 2001

"The Heart of Gaia is not a fetish, nor a talen, nor any other such thing that can be fought over and won like a trinket. No. It is the Children. The sons and daughters of the Garou Nation, who stand last before the End. Abused, abandoned, and alone, it is they who will win or lose the War of Apocalypse."
- Patricia Z. Windchaser, Child of Gaia Voice of the Goddess, Homid Theurge

"Time to kill our children, and sing about it."
- Cowboy Junkies, "December Skies"
aenema, anthelios, babylon 5, bastard points, bone gnawers, children of gaia, cluster fucks, dog soldiers, fianna, get of fenris, house unbreakable hearth, milk runs, plot teasing, silent strider, st. louis, stargazers, the drowned king, the final days, the mississippi, the perfect metis, the sixth age, the white howlers, the world of darkness, the year of fire, think twister, uktena, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolf: the wild west